The Colin Kelly Podcast launched on 2 January 2018 and is fast becoming a must listen for the communications profession and small business owners. *Now with over 450 subscribers and more than 4,000 downloads since the start of the year.*

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‘Is It News?’

‘PR Verses Reach, CIPR on Artificial Intelligence and a final word on GDPR’

‘Pitching To A Client’

‘Working Digital – Day 2 Review’

‘Working Digital 2018 – Day 1 Review’

‘Professionals Don’t Moan About Public WiFi’

‘First Steps: Email Marketing’

‘What Makes A Good Video?’

‘Lack Of Confidence In Your Writing’

’60 Seconds On Boots And The NHS’

‘GDPR, Grid Girls, The Sun And How To Win An Argument’

‘4 Tips For Men’

‘My Favourite Building’

‘Getting Ready For Leadership’

‘Workplace Dress Codes, Gadgets And The Daily Mail vs Virgin Trains’

‘Confused Brand Identities’

‘Is Your Boss Needy?’

‘Interview With Janet Lessells, Internal Communications Manager at SGN’

‘Response To Response To The Sun’

‘7 New Skills For PR Professionals’

‘Where Did It Go Wrong?’

‘How To Start’

‘Parrots Versus Alligators’

‘The Choice You Have To Make’

‘2 Types Of Goal’

‘Interview with Kerry Hudson, author’

‘Interview with Steve Brookstein, Singer/Songwriter’

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