The thing about ‘going the extra mile’ is that it’s rarely as far as a mile.

More often, it’s merely a little bit extra. A thought, a helping hand, a smile. A good habit.

Richer Sounds in Glasgow paid for my Dad’s parking.

The Lego Store in Leicester Square gave me an extra toy for my sons because I’d had a longer wait in the queue.

The car dealership vacuumed the inside of my car when they serviced it.

These things make a big difference and earn you a reputation as someone who ‘goes the extra mile’.

But go there often enough and it stops being ‘the extra mile’ and starts being ‘just the way we do things’.

And that makes you better. Maybe even unique.

You could decide right now to do 11 reps on every exercise instead of 10. What would that look like in your business?