If you haven’t seen ‘Drone Racing League’ on Sky Sports, take a look at this:

Now let’s play with the idea a little and see if there’s a way of adapting this emerging sport into a family friendly large scale event in high streets and town centres all over the country.

There’s a million reasons NOT to do it and many problems to overcome but imagine crowds lining either side of a pedestrianised street, video screens showing feeds straight from the drones as they race up and down and in and out of empty shop buildings (which for the purposes of the event become a positive asset rather than a hindrance).

Think of the sponsorship potential – individual races, the course, various stunts and obstacles, disused premises – all present opportunities for branding and sales.

And think about the signal it sends out. The energy and enthusiasm it starts to have people associate with your town centre? When was the last time something genuinely exciting happened in your high street? People throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK and beyond are currently clamouring for opportunities either to race drones or to watch, and they’re having to go to large out of town sites to do it. That could change.

No surprise it’s already happening in America.

But now in the UK various drone racing groups are being formed and despite what you might read in the media, many drone enthusiasts are responsible and abide by the rules. They’d welcome the opportunity to show off what they can do and discuss their hobby in more detail. If you’re a forward thinking local authority looking for that ‘wow factor’ and something different, why not bring them right into the heart of one of your greatest assets, before the shopping centres start doing it.

What about the tourism potential for some of Scotland’s islands? Imagine a drone racing grand prix taking in Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae, Skye and Arran?