What do you do?

In ‘Plain English’ and ‘Kill The Jargon’ sections of my training we take on corporate-speak.

It’s easy to rant and insist every last example should be eliminated but can it really.

The ‘endeavour vs try’ debate is an interesting one.

My 5 year old son ‘tries’.

A Scottish Government quango, utilities company or major employer..really, should organisations like this be ‘trying’?

Or is it OK for them to endeavour?

When you’re thinking about style guides, tone and use of language on your website and social media, don’t let ‘Plain English’ become a vague aspiration. Think about what it’s going to mean to you in practice, day in, day out. And live it.

Could your organisation say ‘we’ll try’ instead of ‘we’ll endeavour’?

And what would the effect be if it did?

I can tell you. If you took ‘Plain English’ to that degree, pretty soon you’d start changing your company culture.

And that would be no bad thing. It’s going to have to change soon anyway.