What song does Lucie Jones’ Eurovision entry remind me of?

Watching Eurovision last night I was struck by how many of the songs sound like other recent hits.

Several of the dance flavoured tracks seemed to borrow inspiration from Calvin Harris and our own Lucie Jones did a great job with ‘Never Give Up On You’ but I wonder if the chorus might sound a little close to ‘Mysterious Times’ by Sash. Take a listen.







Lucie Jones


Ed Sheeran recently amended the writing credits for his hit ‘Shape Of You’ to include two of the writers behind TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’.

You can hear the similarities between the 2 tracks below:

Might there be a case then for the Blessid Union of Souls to suggest that Starley’s current hit ‘Call On Me’ takes some influence from their 1995 hit ‘I Believe’? Have a listen to them both below:


Blessid Union of Souls

And what about Katy Perry’s ‘Chained To The Rhythm’? Can I hear a bit of Carly Simon’s ‘Why?’ in the background?

Carly Simon

Katy Perry

Just my opinion of course, but let me know what you think.
(Image of Lucie Jones used under Creative Commons Licence, with full credit to Mykola Swarnyk. )