Helping You Innovate

This is a nice, simple exercise that can help prepare your business for change and start sowing the seeds of innovation.

Often, big organisations know they need to change but never get their because they’re too busy. Things are too comfortable, just keep things as they are and worry about change another day.

That day never comes of course, which makes you vulnerable to a new, hyper focussed new start.

So, sit your team down and ask them to imagine that all there is, the entire sum  of the business is a single, mobile app.

So, if you’re a radio station there’s no transmitter.

If you sell cars there’s no showroom.

If you’re a trainer or consultant you have no clients, no office, no website, no workshops in the diary – nothing.

And you won’t meet customers face to face.

All there is, is a single mobile app.

And all the products and services you offer, the entire delivery of what you do – your livelihood – your past, present and future – the lot, can only go in this mobile app.

What does the app look like?

What does it do?

How will you build it?

How does it help?

What problems does it create?

Where are the opportunities?

What will customers think?

Work through some of these questions and discuss things for no more than 10 minutes.

Jot down some key ideas that emerge and work them around a bit and see if there’s anything you can take on and implement.

And realise that right now, somewhere, someone, is looking at your business and asking how it could be replaced with a single, mobile app.

Get there first.

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