Facebook Messenger Shortcut

Some businesses have an audience that demands instant interaction.

If I’m booking a table at a restaurant, a taxi, or perhaps a haircut, I want to do it NOW.

And if your business makes that process super easy, rather than forcing me to call or email, then you may well get more business.

Facebook wants those enquiries and transactions to take place on ITS platform and is trying to make that an attractive option to you and your customers.

Go into your business page settings, choose the ‘Messaging’ ¬†area and download your business ‘Messenger Code’.

You can then upload that code to any webpage, blog, business card, shop window – anywhere you like.

When a Facebook Messenger user finds your code and scans it with their mobile phone, Messenger will automatically open and begin a conversation between the customer and your business.

You can try it with my page right now – open the Messenger app, scan the code below and ask me anything you want about media relations, PR or social media.

Media Relations Training Instant Messaging



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